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62                            LETTERS   FROM   THE


We dined yesterday at Wilkes's with some of
the same party, among whom were Barthelemy and
Count Rewitsky, Imperial envoy, and a famous col-
lector of rare books, which he has sold to Lord
Spencer and some others. At the dessert some-
body happened to mention Lord Sandwich, when
Rewitsky started up, saying, " Is it the famous
Lord Sandwich who had his friend condemned by
the House of Lords to be hanged for writing an
abominable book ? "l

Wilkes stared, and hung his jaw and tongue,
as was usual with him in any dilemma, but said
nothing. Barthelemy, who knew nothing of the
matter, pressed Rewitsky to give an account of it.
" It was a horrible work/' said he, " as I am told,
for I never read it; it certainly deserved that its
author should be punished, for he must have been
void of all religion, shame and decency; I am sur-
prised Lord Sandwich let him live so long." Soon
after, without anything more being said on the
subject, the conversation changed; and perhaps
Rewitsky will never know that it was his Am-
phytnon du jour whom he had been thus repro-
bating to his face.

i Wilkes's book.